Small Expatriate Programs

I can help you to

  • structure your first international transfers so you know what to look out for next time
  • show your management the investment case for an employee transfer
  • control your tax risk and obtain the right working permits
  • swiftly support your organization’s investment in a new country
  • create sustainable internal expertise about Global Mobility

How I can help you

Advising you simply about all the tax, legal and cost aspects of a transfer and meeting you to explain how to implement that advice

Reviewing your employee transfers and helping to rectify any incorrect actions, after assessing if a risk has been created.

Show you how to transfer an employee to a new country, so you can you use that tax and legal knowledge later yourself.

You will

save on cash – by going straight to the most experienced professional

save on time – By being the priority client of a boutique firm

and give yourself flexibility –  by hiring an expert only when you need help for an unusual challenge