Large Expatriate Programs

I can help you to

  • re-think your supplier arrangements because of a change of Auditor
  • select and implement a new technology
  • reduce administration costs and cut out tax and payroll processes
  • clarify a major risk and implement a swift and sustainable solution
  • sort out a pressing international tax or benefits matter for a senior recruit
  • make sure you swiftly support your organization’s investment in a new country
  • convince your organization to focus on business travel and short-term mobility

How I can help you

Performing vendor selection processes – Professional RFP services, starting by envisioning how buyers should support you, through to pre-selecting qualified suppliers, drafting the RFP, driving the proposal process and then presenting you with objective score cards so that you make an educated decision to select the provider.

Providing tax and legal advice and driving implementation– I will clarify the real tax or legal issue, assess the risks, deliver a concise recommendation and operationalize your decision with your colleagues around the world.

Creating compelling communications  – I will design a business case so that you can argue for more resources, address new mobility needs or obtain a one-time investment – helping you to make changes, by marshalling the evidence, testing the arguments and creating a business case to help change your organization.

You will

save on cash: by applying know-how and hands-on expertise to reducing tax and supplier costs in a sustainable way

save on time: by bringing a seasoned specialist into your team to swiftly deliver a single complex and strategic task – with a business-like, down to earth style

and develop your organization: by educating your colleagues and motivating your teams through on-the-job development