Andrew Chapman

I solve complex Global Mobility problems, meeting short deadlines to implement lasting practical solutions. My advice is business-like and my strength is putting advice into action. When additional expertise is required, I select the best colleagues for the task, irrespective of which firm they work for.
I take over exceptional, demanding and technical tasks that that would require you to invest excessive time or to acquire exceptional expertise. My clients save time and money by accessing rare skills at common-sense prices.
  • I believe that extensive know-how helps to zero in on the precise issue and deliver an answer. You won’t be expected to spend time scoping, explaining, educating and following up.
  • I run a swift, agile, entrepreneurial “boutique”. Results count. Work is delivered the way that helps you. Communication is concise. Risks are helpfully assessed. You will always deal directly with me. 
  • I like a challenge. Over 28 years in leadership in many countries, I’ve always dived into the most complex issues – serious technical issues, major commercial tests and exceptional client demands. I think I know what it’s like to be in your shoes and I am here to help.

I hold British and Swiss citizenship. After studying law in London and Paris, I embarked on a twenty-eight-year career at one of the largest professional service firms, focusing on Global Mobility. A Partner for the last fifteen years, I have led major client accounts in France, Russia, Scandinavia, Spain and Switzerland.

My focus has been on managing legal risk and transforming client mobility functions.

My childhood was spent in Africa where part of my family resides, explaining my interest in emerging markets. I have lived in Paris and Moscow. I now live and work out of Basel, a Swiss city located where France, Germany and Switzerland meet.